Powerful Woodpecker, and the Other Best Bird Names in the World

I recently saw an Instagram post about the Powerful Woodpecker and – as happens every time I hear that spectacular name – a little tingle went down my spine. If you love a good bird name like I do, you simply must agree that this one really has it all. It’s simple, truthful, and evocative.…Continue readingPowerful Woodpecker, and the Other Best Bird Names in the World

Of White Geese and Expert Birders

A warning. This is my longest, and probably most fatuous post to date. For ease of digestion I have broken it into three short chapters. Still kinda long. You have been warned. Chapter 1 – The Problem with Experts I’ve always admired people who are singular of focus…those who have a defining passion which they…Continue readingOf White Geese and Expert Birders

A Stubborn Survivor – the Dovekie

I’ve been on a bit of a rant recently. First I ranted about how people behave around owls, then about people who don’t like seeing dead birds (or something to that effect). I’ve got more rants pre-loaded into the chute, too. There’s a never-ending supply, if we’re honest. But as much as everyone loves a…Continue readingA Stubborn Survivor – the Dovekie

Getting Uncomfortable: Leaning in When Things Feel Icky

I’ve been thinking a lot about comfort recently. Not about simply having it, per se, but about how the pursuit of comfort – or perhaps the avoidance of discomfort – informs the ways people speak and act. I think one could easily argue that comfort is among the largest influences on human behaviour, full stop.…Continue readingGetting Uncomfortable: Leaning in When Things Feel Icky

Why is that White Bird White?

I’m not sure where you are in the world as you read this, but in my home province of Ontario the scenery has changed drastically in the last 24 hours. Our first snowfall of the season was a banger, with nearly a foot of the stuff accumulating over the course of a day. I am…Continue readingWhy is that White Bird White?

Thumb-birding: a Birder Identifies Bird Emojis

Birding is like a drug. Maybe you try it once with a friend, and you’re unconvinced. It’s confusing, you don’t really understand what’s happening, and in the end you just don’t really get the appeal. But then a week later you’re at a party and somebody’s like “hey, wanna do birding?” and you’re all “I…Continue readingThumb-birding: a Birder Identifies Bird Emojis

An Introduction…Obviously

Well friends… It goes without saying that 2020 has been an interesting year, with a perhaps unprecedented abundance of both time to think and things to think about in perfect tandem.  It’s been odd to watch the things I usually stress about fade into the background, replaced at least equally by new and fascinating concerns. …Continue readingAn Introduction…Obviously