Thumb-birding: a Birder Identifies Bird Emojis

Birding is like a drug. Maybe you try it once with a friend, and you’re unconvinced. It’s confusing, you don’t really understand what’s happening, and in the end you just don’t really get the appeal. But then a week later you’re at a party and somebody’s like “hey, wanna do birding?” and you’re all “I…Continue readingThumb-birding: a Birder Identifies Bird Emojis

An Introduction…Obviously

Well friends… It goes without saying that 2020 has been an interesting year, with a perhaps unprecedented abundance of both time to think and things to think about in perfect tandem.  It’s been odd to watch the things I usually stress about fade into the background, replaced at least equally by new and fascinating concerns. …Continue readingAn Introduction…Obviously